Network Connection Issues

Ensure you’re using the Misty App and are connected via bluetooth to your Misty

  1. If after entering the password for your Wifi network, you receive a message saying that the connection to your Wifi network has failed:
    1. Check to ensure that your network is password protected and is not an open network.
    2. Check to ensure that your network is protected by a password only, and does not also have a username.
    3. Ensure that your network is set up to allow communication between devices, as this is required for connecting your Misty to your network. 
  2. Misty also has the ability to connect to the internet over Ethernet by utilizing an Ethernet-to-USB adapter. 
    1. Remove Misty’s backpack. 
    2. Here you’ll be able to plug the USB end into misty, thereby connecting her to your network via ethernet.