Misty starting the screening process even though no one present

Frequent Occurrence

  1. In this scenario, the ‘Time of Flight’ depth may need to be adjusted. Misty has multiple Time of Flight sensors around her which perceive movement. 
    1. To adjust the time of flight depth, begin by logging into the Admin Portal
      1. Navigate to the relevant Organization. 
      2. Navigate to Details > Robots
      3. Click ‘Edit’ on the robot to be modified. 
      4. Under ‘Configuration’, modify the configuration to change the time of flight depth

Infrequent Occurrence

  1. This issue occasionally occurs in the early morning/late afternoon when long shadows are cast into a room. Misty occasionally perceives these shadows to be figures standing there, and therefore begins the screening process. 
    1. If this issue occurs outside of these particular conditions, it’s possible something else is happening. Check Misty’s viewpoint to ensure there’s nothing else that she may be perceiving as a person
  2. Check to ensure that there isn’t a piece of paper or anything in front of Misty’s Time of Flight sensors as this could lead her to perceive movement or presence.