Misty reading high temperatures/low temperatures

High Temperatures

  1. Check to ensure that your Temperature Reference Device is plugged in with the provided 9v power adapter.
  2. Check the switch on the back of the Temperature Reference Device to ensure that the device is turned on (pointed toward the | )
  3. Check to ensure that the Temperature Reference Device is warm to the touch.
    1. If the Temperature Reference Device is not warm to the touch, there may be an issue with your device. If this is the case, please contact us at help@mistyrobotics.com.

Low Temperatures

Recording low temperatures is an issue across all thermal cameras that can read low(er) if the individual is not at the ambient temperature of the thermal camera environment.If the temperature is exceptionally cold outside and someone’s temperature reads low (96 degrees F or lower) it’s possible that your thermal camera is picking up on the person’s ambient cold temperature. 

  1. In these instances, our recommendation, along with that of the FDA, is to allow that person to acclimate to the ambient room temperature. We recommend that the person acclimates for at least 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes for optimal temperature range. 
  2. If the temperatures don’t improve, it’s possible that Misty isn’t properly picking up the TRD.
    1. In this instance, login to the Admin Portal
    2. Navigate to the Organization
    3. Navigate to Usage Reports > Robots
    4. Locate the robot which is being diagnosed and under the ‘Images’ header, click ‘Update’. 
      1. This will kick off the process of Misty taking a photo of what’s in front of her and a photo of her view of the TRD. These will also have thermal image counterparts.
      2. If the TRD isn’t within the thermal image ‘bounding box’, it’s possible that the AR Tag needs to be realigned, the TRD offset in the configuration file needs to be changed, or that the measurements between the TRD and the Misty need to be double-checked.