Misty having issues finding faces

  1. Check to ensure that there are no bright lights or sunlight shining behind or above the person that's being screened.
  2. Check to ensure that your Misty is on a surface that is 44.5" from the ground. 
  3. Check to ensure that the patient is standing 24” from the Misty, on the “Please Stand Here” sticker. 
  4. Check to ensure that your Misty is placed in a location where there is minimal background traffic.
    1. The image taking feature in the Admin Portal can be very useful here. 
    2. Login to the Admin Portal
    3. Navigate to the Organization
    4. Navigate to Usage Reports > Robots
    5. Locate the robot which is being diagnosed and under the ‘Images’ header, click ‘Update’. 
      1. This will kick off the process of Misty taking a photo of what’s in front of her and a photo of her view of the TRD. These will also have thermal image counterparts.
      2. If it appears that the photo in front of Misty is in a highly trafficked area, or there are things in the background that could be throwing off the camera, the suggestion would be to move the Misty and/or remove those items from her view.